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Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

D.J Chan & D Collins trading as Possi Group A.B.N.64 909 022 645 (we, us, our, or Possi Group) makes every effort to be fully transparent at all times. Accordingly, we have developed this Refunds & Returns Policy to ensure that you are fully aware of your rights with respect to exchanges, refunds and returns.

Returns and refunds

If you are concerned about your entitlement to a refund or exchange, we recommend that you read on to learn about your rights and our obligations to you.


We want you to love your purchase with us. However, if you change your mind about your purchase or are not satisfied with it for any reason, then we will provide you with an exchange or refund. In the event that you are returning an item due to a change of mind you are responsible for the return freight of the goods. 

Our Any Reason Returns and Exchanges Guarantee is available for up to 14 days from the purchase date (the Guarantee Period).

Any refund requests outside of the Guarantee Period (14 days) must be made in accordance with the below section titled ‘Your entitlement to a refund or exchange’.

Your entitlement to a refund or exchange

You will be entitled to a refund or exchange where we are required to do so under any relevant laws, including the Australian Consumer Law. You may ask for a refund or exchange, if an item has a major problem, or is significantly different to what you asked for.

In the event that you believe that you are entitled to a refund or exchange, you must provide us with:

  • your full name and address;
  • the original order number; and
  • the reason for claiming the refund or exchange.

Returning items to us

If you wish to return an item to us, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible after becoming aware of the issue prompting your request for a refund or exchange. Delayed claims for refunds or exchanges may lead to your request for an exchange or refunds being rejected.

We reserve the right to assess the condition of a returned item prior to offering a refund or exchange. This may result in a refund or exchange being refused by us. You may be entitled to a refund equal to the original purchased price of the item only. You may be entitled to an exchange for an identical item or one of equal or similar value. You are entitled to receive a refund of the shipping costs if the item is proven faulty in which case you will need to provide us a copy of the receipt for the cost of return shipping for reimbursement.  

In the event the item you are exchanging is at a lower value to the item you are exchanging it for, then additional payment will be required for the difference in value unless it is for a replacement of a faulty item and we were not able to provide you with the exact same product or similar product.

In the event the item you are exchanging is at a higher value to what you are exchanging it for, then a refund of the difference will be provided via your original payment method.

How to return items:

All request and approvals for returns, refunds or exchanges are to be made via our Returns Center.

Package the item/s in a shipping bag or box that will prevent damage in transit. We recommend similar packaging to what you originally received the item/s in. If possible, include the original box for the returned item.

In the event that you wish to return an item/s due to a change of mind or you found the item not suitable; it is then your responsibility to ensure that the returned item/s are packaged suitably for safe return to Possi Group. Goods returned under these circumstances must be unused and in full salable condition with its original packaging and tags still intact .

Possi Group takes no responsibility for items that are returned but become lost or not delivered to us. If you are concerned about loss or damage in transit, you should consider adding tracking or insurance. However, this is at your sole discretion, and Possi Group makes no representations or warranties in relation to the security of returned item/s.

Upon receipt of the item/s, we will inspect them and if they are returned in accordance with this Refunds & Returns Policy and we are satisfied that you are entitled to a refund or exchange, we will issue you with a refund of the original purchase price or an exchange for the item/s you have requested unless the item/s have sold out or is no longer available for sale, in that instance we will contact you and offer you an alternative option or refund.

Return delivery charges

We do recommend you return the item/s to us via Registered Post so that the delivery can be tracked. All shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer, until such time that we have confirmed that there is a fault with a product or that we have made a shipping error.

Provision of refunds or exchanges to you

If after assessing the condition of the returned item/s, your refund or exchange is approved, we will send you an email to confirm that your exchange or refund will be issued. Exchanges or refunds will generally be processed within five (5) to seven (7) business days of our receipt of the returned item/s.

Refunds will be issued via the same payment method used to purchase the item/s and the amount refunded will be at the original purchased price you paid at the time of purchase. If you are requesting a refund due to a change of mind or the product was not suitable, then a refund will be issued minus the shipping cost. If you are requesting a refund and the item is proven faulty a full refund including all shipping cost will be provided. There may be delays in the provision of the refund that may be caused by the issuing bank. Please contact us if you have not received your refund within five (5) working days of us notifying you that a refund has been issued.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our Refunds, Returns & Exchange Policy.

If you wish to request for a refund, return or exchange click here.

Refunds, Returns & Exchange Policy last updated on 3 March 2020.