1. Set Your Intention

One of the keys to success is being intentional about what you do. In general, when you set intentions, you are more likely to act with purpose and drive. Be very clear in your mind and heart what it is you desire for your life, in the areas of love, money and career. How do you want to live, feel and experience life? Setting an intention, or multiple intentions, on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis, this will help you to feel like you are living your life more purposefully and will help you measure your success as you begin to achieve these things.

Intention-setting is a very similar concept to goal setting. When setting intentions, you decide what kind of emotions—what kind of positive feelings—you seek. By you intending to do something or become something, you are that much closer to living the life you desire. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process; you can choose to do this monthly, weekly or daily. Perhaps 5-10 minutes before you roll out of bed to start your day or 5-10 minutes before you drift off to sleep. List your intentions down on paper not only will this allow you to gain a clear vision of what you want from life. It will also give you something to focus on, but it will also allow you to not feel so overwhelmed by the future. Taking things one step at a time and living in the present makes life more rewarding.