Welcome Onboard Kel!

Welcome to Kel's Korner on Possi Living!

We've decided recently to carve out a space on this site to dedicate it as a place for us to share with you the good, the bad and the ugly truth about life and life challenges through the eyes of a dear friend of ours who we call Kel. We have known Kel for a very long time (as a matter of fact over 20yrs), to us she is a friend that's warm, loving, smart, funny and witty - there has been many belly laughs with Kel. We have learnt over recent years of Kel's inner battles with anxiety and severe depression. It is something she still struggles to understand within herself and even talk about.

We invited Kel to do some writing for us anonymously and despite Kel's reservation and self-doubt, she felt compelled to share her journey so that through her blogs on Kel's Korner you can gain an insight into her world as a woman, a mother & a wife and perhaps identify with your own experiences and personal challenges. Kel will share some of her raw and honest moments in her life and her own battles with anxiety and depression through this blog. 


Possi Living Team