We've seen the gift catalogues squished into our letterboxes enticing us to buy gifts, the supermarkets are tempting us with an assortment of meats and yummy treats, the decorations have hit the shelves and now sparse and Santa’s workshop working overtime. That’s right! Christmas is literally only around the corner, fast approaching us with headlights and the excitement and anticipation is building but there is also a sense of dread and frustration for the last minute shoppers who has to battle the Shopping Centre car park and the hundreds of Christmas shoppers all scrambling to work out what to buy their partners, friends & family members.

It is pure joy and excitement in my house, the children and I love waking up on Christmas morning and head straight out to our decorated Christmas tree to see what Saint Nick has left for us.  I love watching my children open their presents and hearing my youngest squeal with delight and excitement, it just warms my heart. Each year I buy myself a dress that is both bright and loose fitting because I know that I’ll succumb to a second helping of Christmas lunch and I usually overindulge in the festive essentials such as lollies, chips, peanuts, homemade chocolates, fruit cake, Pavlova .…but it's Christmas right?

There’s also something else I do every year with my family, I sit with my children and we remind each other just why we celebrate Christmas and what Christmas should truly mean. We think of how there are people less fortunate than us, perhaps in our local area who would be spending the day alone and the families who just can’t afford nice food and presents for their family or each other. I’ve always reminded my children that Christmas Day is Christ’s birthday. In my home we don’t say “Merry Gift Giving Day!”, we say “Happy Birthday Jesus” and I might have a small drink in his honour. We’re a little more generous around Christmas and know how fortunate and blessed we are to be able to afford it.

I don’t want to be a downer and dampen the joy of Christmas and what it means to you, I’m just sharing some insights as to how it is for my family. I won’t even carry on and on about how it infuriates me to read the words “Merry Xmas” in place of “Merry Christmas”, or how I cringe when I hear a parent boast they have set a very strict limit of a thousand dollars for each child’s gifts (you know who you are) and don't get me started about the mum who’s struggling to find time to fit in her monthly day spa treatments in because of all her Christmas shopping commitments. 

But I will conclude with this…..I hope each and every one of you and your loved ones get to spend precious time with each other, especially after the separation that many have had this year due to the pandemic. May you all have a safe and wonderful Christmas and may you be fortunate enough to indulge or overindulge in some of your favourite festive treats (it's okay we all do, that's why we have New Year resolutions, right?). 

Merry Christmas!

Kel xx